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"Warrior Piper" Inside-Out Funnel Chillum Herb Pipe

"Warrior Piper" Inside-Out Funnel Chillum Herb Pipe

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Get ready for a chill time with our awesome Inside-Out Funnel Chillum Herb Pipe. This bad boy is lovingly handcrafted in sunny Los Angeles and measures a cool 4.5 inches in length. Made from super strong borosilicate glass, it's built to last and can handle the heat. Plus, the silver fumed and color-changing design adds a unique touch to your smoking sesh. With its inside-out blown glass construction, you'll feel like you're puffing on a work of art. Perfect for dry herbs, this chillum pipe is perfect for sharing bowls with your buddies. Take your smoking experience to the next level with our Inside-Out Funnel Chillum Herb Pipe. Grab one today and discover a whole new level of enjoyment.

  • Approximately 4.5 inches long
  • Handmade in Los Angeles
  • Solid borosilicate glass
  • Silver fumed and color chnaging
  • Inside-out blown glass
  • Made for dry herbs
  • Great for sharing bowls 
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