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Terp Wipes

Terp Wipes 70-Pack

Terp Wipes 70-Pack

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Retail Unit: 1 box contains 70 individually packaged swabs and 3 cleaning sticks.

Size / Material: 2.5" x 2.5" Cotton Wipes

Cleaning Solution: 75% ethyl alcohol / 25% distilled water

Terp Wipes are thick single-use cotton wipes. The Ethyl alcohol solution combined with the thickness of the wipes makes them far more absorbent than regular alcohol wipes. Terp Wipes are safe for use with glass, quartz, metal, drip tips and hands.

Ethyl alcohol is grain-based, non-toxic and food safe. It also evaporates more slowly than Isopropyl Alcohol (iso), allowing for more time to use the wipe after it's opened.


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