Silicone Containers Tie Dye

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Ooze Silicone Containers are ideal for storing any and all types of concentrates for dabbing and vaping. Extracts are kept fresh with an airtight seal, and the non-stick material guarantees you won't lose any product. The white silicone glows in the dark, making nighttime seshes easier. 

This tub contains 75 5mL silicone stash jars. This tub is an incredible wholesale value, and these stash boxes make great add-ons to any dab rig or vape-related sale. The shape of the tub makes it easy to fit into your counter display, or easily take them out one at a time.


  • Diameter = 0.81 in. (top) 1.25 in. (bottom)
  • Height of container = 0.63 in 
  • Height of container + lid = 0.75 in.