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Silicone Container Reclaim Catcher

Silicone Container Reclaim Catcher

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The Silicone Container Reclaim Catcher extends off of the joint, and has a collector at the bottom. This collector will catch the oil that usually builds up as residue in your water pipe or rig. While maintaining your pieces clean it will also collect these oils to reuse later.

When done collecting just pop off the silicone piece and put the included silicone lid on and your reclaimed oil is ready for storage. Most silicone concentrate jars will fit this reclaim catcher, so just pop another one in and ready to start collecting again.

The Silicone Container Reclaim Catcher will keep your water pipe clean and will save concentrates at the same time.

  • Maintain your piece cleaner
  • Save concentrates
  • Silicone stash jar
  • Clear glass
  • Reclaim catcher
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