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Dry-Pipe for Puffco Proxy

Dry-Pipe for Puffco Proxy

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The Sherlock Dry Pipe for Puffco Proxy is the ideal choice for those who don't want to use a water pipe with the Proxy, but still want more cooling than the stock glass offers.

The Sherlock Dry Pipe accommodates the Proxy securely, providing cooler hits right away. With its flat base, the Sherlock Dry Pipe for Puffco Proxy is easy to set down on a flat surface. It also features a glass "stopper" for improved grip, an angled stem that facilitates use while in a flat surface, and a wide and comfortable mouthpiece. The Sherlock Dry Pipe for Puffco Proxy stands at about 5" tall and adds increased airpath for cooler hits. This option elevates usability, comfort of use, and offers increased visual appeal compared to the standard model.

  • Cooler vapor
  • Flat base
  • Dry pipe
  • Glass stopper
  • Angled stem
  • Wide comfortable mouthpiece
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