Resolution Gel

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Res Gel® cleaner is engineered to give your glass the best clean on the market. Our natural, clay-based formula easily removes resin and tar from your glass bongs, rigs, bowls, stems, steamrollers, tools, grinders, jars, hands and even clothes.

Glass Bong & Pipe Cleaner

Our patented formula is free of abrasive salts and is low in VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) making it safer on your glass and friendlier on your environment.

Gel Glass Cleaner

Res Gel® cleaning solution comes in our innovative Shake-a-Bag, resealable pouch, making cleaning your bowls, stems, chillums, and small accessories a breeze.

Liquid Bong Cleaning Products & Solutions

No more excuses for dirty glass.


At Resolution, we wanted to create a glass bong cleaner that is safe for the environment and works the best. Our glass bong and pipe cleaner, along with our cleaning products, are all natural and safe to use on any glass piece. Use our cleaning solution as a bong cleaner, pipe cleaner or even a herb cleaner for tar buildup. The Res Gel cleaning liquid is our natural, clay-based formula that easily removes resin and tar from glass bongs, rigs, bowls, stems, tools, grinders, tools and even hands and clothes. Our gel glass bong cleaner comes with our innovative Shake-a-bag to help shake away the dirt and grime in a resealable pouch. At Resolution, we aim to redefine the negative stereotype that goes along with dirty glassware. This is why we have developed and continue to develop the supplies, tools, and natural products you need to keep your glassware free from residue build up and improve your experience. Our cleaning products combined with our liquid bong cleaning solution is the best and fastest way to clean your pieces. Get the best clean by using our smoking pipe cleaners and wholesale pipe cleaners, bong cleaning brushes and our whole glass pipe cleaning kit. Browse through our selection of products to get the best and fastest bong cleaner, pipe cleaner. Our cleaning liquid bong products and solutions will make your bong, or pipe sparkle like new! Don’t wait any longer for that grime and dirt to build up. Shop our Res Gel liquid glass cleaner today!