Rawsta Pattern Metal Large Rolling Tray

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The RAW Rawsta rolling tray is the next best thing to a Jamaican vacation! This large-sized tray is a rectangle that provides the perfect surface for breaking down bud and rolling it up in a RAW paper. The red, yellow, and green design pays homage to the Rasta culture. It features the classic RAW logo and markings of the standard RAW rolling paper packaging. This is a unique tray that looks great on a display wall.

  • RAW TRAY | RAW rolling trays are a staple in any smoke shop. The RAW logo is very recognizable, and the designs range from clean and simple to truly out-of-this-world.
  • RAWSTA | The Rawsta tray has channels the Rastafarian flag. It has three wide stripes in red, yellow, and green, and features a large RAW logo in the center.
  • LARGE | The large rolling tray has a rectangular shape. This fits nicely in a lap and provides plenty of room to work. The large size measures 13.4” x 10.9” x 1.2”.
  • CURVED | RAW rolling trays are designed to have perfectly curved edges, with no corners or straight creases. This eliminates any crumbs or debris from getting stuck to the tray.