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"Raked Hammer" Fumed Hammer Bubbler Pipe

"Raked Hammer" Fumed Hammer Bubbler Pipe

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Introducing the LA Pipes "Raked Hammer" Fumed Hammer Bubbler Pipe, a seamless fusion of artistry and functionality. A testament to superior craftsmanship, this piece is set to elevate your smoking ritual. 

  • Approximately 6 inches long
  • Pure silver fumed borosilicate glass
  • Wrapped and raked in various colors
  • Handmade in Los Angeles
  • Made for dry herbs
  • Cools smoke with water for smoother hits
  • Hammer design bubbler

Exquisite Craftsmanship Each "Raked Hammer" stands at an elegant 6 inches, showcasing the luminous quality of pure silver fumed borosilicate glass. The detailed wrapped and raked colors dance across its surface, ensuring every piece stands out as an individual work of art.

Handmade in Los Angeles Originating from the heart of Los Angeles, this pipe carries the essence of its city—vibrant, unique, and meticulously crafted. Each piece is handcrafted with unparalleled attention to detail, resonating with the spirit of the LA art scene.

Optimized for Dry Herbs Engineered with the connoisseur in mind, this bubbler is dedicated to dry herbs. The "Raked Hammer" captures the pure essence of your herb of choice, delivering a flavorful experience with every inhale.

Smooth, Cooled Hits Every Time Beyond its arresting aesthetics, this bubbler is a masterclass in functionality. The water chamber intricately cools and filters the smoke, ensuring every hit is smooth and enjoyable, a sensation further amplified by its classic hammer design.

Hammer Design for Stability and Style Drawing inspiration from the practicality of the hammer, this bubbler is both a treat for the eyes and a delight to use. The base allows for stable placement, while its ergonomic form ensures a comfortable grip and use.

Choose Your Color Reflect your personal style by choosing from a diverse spectrum of colors. From understated hues to bold statements, the "Raked Hammer" caters to every aesthetic preference.


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