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Quartz Banger Set with Spinning Carb Cap and Terp Pearls

Quartz Banger Set with Spinning Carb Cap and Terp Pearls

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The Quartz Banger Kit includes all the basics to elevate your concentrates experience. A roomy 25 mm OD banger, cyclone carb cap, and pearls.

Quartz Banger

4mm thick bottom flat top quartz banger

Cyclone Quartz Carb Cap

Get your terp pearls and concentrates spinning with the Cyclone Quartz Carb Cap. Because the way the intake holes are angled, the Cyclone needs almost no manipulation to create a spinning vortex inside your banger.

Terp Pearls

No banger setup is complete without Terp Pearls. The Terp Pearl will be an additional heating element in your banger and will turn inside the banger when utilizing a Cyclone Quartz Carb Cap, distributing your concentrates evenly. This will save you money by making your banger more efficient and give you better quality vapor & vapor production.

  • Flat top quartz banger
  • x2 quartz terp pearls
  • Spinning carb cap
  • 4mm thick bottom
  • 2mm walls
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