Round Bottom Cold Start Quartz Banger

MJ Arsenal
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Our Premium Full Weld Quartz Cold Start Banger is an exceptional addition to your dabbing setup. Crafted from top-quality pure quartz, this banger ensures durability, heat resistance, and optimal flavor preservation. Its seamless full weld design - a one-piece transition from joint to bucket - offers unparalleled stability and unrestricted airflow for smoother, richer dabs.

With an open bucket for easy concentrate loading and even heat distribution, this banger maximizes your material usage and intensifies flavors. Upgrade to our Full Weld Quartz Cold Start Banger to elevate your dabbing experience with unmatched quality and performance.

Material: 100% Pure Quartz
Banger Type: Full Weld Cold Start Quartz
Dimensions: 2.5in x 2.5in
Bucket Dimensions: 20mm outer diameter / 14mm inner diameter / 53mm depth
Joint: 10mm male

What’s in the box:
Full Weld Cold Start Quartz Banger