Nectar Collector Honeybird Simple Kit

Nectar Collector
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Nwax The Nectar Collector Honeybird Simple Kit features a bubbler-style dab straw built of from quality glass and Infinity Tech metal connectors made right here in the USA. Includes 6 inch by 3 inch (15.24cm x 7.62cm) durable zipper case.

Kit Includes:
  • Nectar Collector Honeybird core
  • Infinity Tech 16mm connector
  • Stinger tip connector
  • Quartz Stinger tip
  • Nectar collector kit
  • Bubbler core
  • Infinity Tech 16mm connection joint
  • Includes sturdy zipper case - 6" x 3"
  • Lifetime guarantee on workmanship of glass (excluding stinger tips)
  • Handmade in the USA