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Mini Recycler

Mini Recycler

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Remember to Recycle

Turn heads with this unique rig. Although this piece is only 6”/15.24cm in height, the interior workings help make your hits super smooth. Made from handblown, borosilicate glass its able to withstand temperature changes, coming in handy for heating accessories and cleaning. The piece is one cool customer, opting for a fixed downstem and removing the need for a removeable, consumable one. A 14mm glass-on-glass quartz banger is the ideal accessory for dabbing, proving time and time again to be much easier, efficient and effective than older style nail and domes. Inside this stylish piece, you’ll be pleased to find a showerhead percolator. This perc breaks up the smoke, making the hit smoother. Another addition to help cool your hits is a recycler, a method which allows the water to travel with the smoke and then end up back in the original chamber. This creates a cleaner and more potent hit. An artistic showpiece, you’ll want to display this rig whether you grab it in blue, clear, green, pink, teal or transparent black.

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