Lycan Dab RIg

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A Wolf In Rigs Clothing 

Dopezilla has launched a new collection that includes five frightening dab rigs, each adorned with a gruesome monster theme. The Lycan by Dopezilla is made from handblown borosilicate glass that can stand the test of time, delivered in a matching custom box.

Shapeshift into gear with the Lycan, a clear straight tube dab rig with colored accents on the mouthpiece, base, and monster logo. The bent neck mouthpiece protects splashback during your hit. Lycan features a turbine percolator that makes your hit so smooth that you’ll be using it more than during the full moon.

The 9” Lycan straight tube comes delivered with a male 14.5mm quartz banger. A banger is the preferred method for dabbing, making it easier and more efficient to use than standard accessories.