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Ispire Daab - Electronic Rig

Ispire Daab - Electronic Rig

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Welcome to the dabbing revolution. No atomizer, just dab!

Daab provides a sleek, induction heated handheld rig that’s discreet & portable, for the perfect hit, every time, anywhere, at any temp!  The daab’s patent-pending carrier cup brings a safe, easy, and reliable dabbing experience with an all-glass airflow path for the perfect blend of temperature control and flavor.  Whether using it for tasty “cold start” dabs or high-temp clouds, induction promises the most clean, even heating for the tastiest hits available. Our borosilicate glass cups heats precisely, and avoids contaminants & solvents touching your product, at custom temps ranging from 250* to 800*F.

Product Features

  •  Induction Heating
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Cups Water
  • Chamber Pass Through
  • Charging Battery Operated
  • Type-C Charging Port
  • Viscosity Ranges
  • Temperature Settings
  • Safety Features
  • Portable

If you already have the Ispire Daab -  Electronic  Rig and you are looking for a replacement for some of the parts, press "Replacement Parts"  and you will be able to find the Daab Water Chamber and the Carb Cap Replacement.

*Route Insurance is required to ship the order since is a high-value item and is understood that the customer will cover it. 

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