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Human Grade

Human Grade Grinder 1A (2")

Human Grade Grinder 1A (2")

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This 4 Piece 2" grinder is a reliable solution designed to meet all grinding needs. Crafted for efficiency and long-lasting durability, this grinder is good enough for humans—without breaking the bank.

Pieces: 4 (Four) An upper chamber, grinding chamber, pollen screen, and a bottom chamber for collecting the finer particles
Size: 2" (50mm) It's the perfect size to take with you wherever you go
Material: Aluminum. Not only lightweight but also extremely durable
Classic Design: A timeless and straightforward design that complements any lifestyle
Pollen Screen: The integrated pollen screen allows for the finest particles to be collected in the bottom chamber
Scraping Tool Included: Comes complete with a scraping tool to make pollen collection a breeze

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