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MAV Glass

Honey Splashproof Ash Catcher 14mm/45°

Honey Splashproof Ash Catcher 14mm/45°

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This external splashproof ash catcher features a chamber to prevent any splashback of water from making contact. In addition to the splashproof feature, it also features a honeycomb that divides the vapors in a honeycomb pattern for a cleaner diffusion. It stands 6 inches tall and is available in 14mm 45° degree joint angle to fit your favorite MAV piece. 


  • 4" Tall 
  • 44mm Wide
  • 45° Angle
  • 14mm female joint (bowl not included)
  • Honeycomb Perc 
  • Splashproof Joint 
  • MAV decal
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