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Honeybee Herb



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  • Honey & Milk Cup Replacement Set (2 Pack)

Honey & Milk is a fitting description for this flat-bottomed, flat-topped opaque WHITE base Honey Cup. With an outer diameter of 25mm and a solid thickness of 2mm, the Honeybee Herb quality is strong with this one.  Engineered to withstand high temperatures with a design thought out to distribute heat quickly and evenly, this piece is an ideal option for globs of any kind.

The frosted bottom once again speaks the truth about the elegance we like to bring to the table in this industry. Comparable to our Original Honey Cups, these cups are beyond durable, bringing on a level of usability you won't have to be delicate with. Slam your fat globs of CBD concentrate in these cups with confidence. They keep your glass cleaner to help it last longer. You will love the performance of these pieces so much that you won't even think about the part you just had to toss out.

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