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High Society

High Society | Dabber's 5 Piece Tool Kit w/ Silicone Oil Jar

High Society | Dabber's 5 Piece Tool Kit w/ Silicone Oil Jar

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High Society Dabber's 5-Piece Tool Kit for Elevated Experiences

There are so many different types of textures when it comes to concentrate and it can be frustrating to find the right tool to use. Our dabbers were curated by a veteran hash head that knows what’s up. With High Society Dabber's 5 Piece Tool Kit you’ll get 5 iridescent titanium tools with 10 different types of heads/scoops. So whether it’s shatter that’s harder than glass, or delicate crumble, rosin, whatever, we have the tool for you.

We also included a silicone dab jar so you can take your tools and a jar on the road with you. Got to dab up the homies sometimes, am I right? 

Ritual Glass is the perfect complement to High Society's 5 Piece Tool Kit. Thanks to the exceptional quality of the glass, it provides an impeccable tasting experience and an aesthetically pleasing appearance when using concentrates. It is a must-have accessory for connoisseurs who value precision and style in their dabbing experience.

Features of Dabber's 5 Piece Tool Kit with Silicone Oil Jar:

  • Features 5 Titanium Tools
  • 10 Unique Heads/Scoops for Any Type of Oil Consistency
  • Silicone Stash Jar Included
  • Great for Gifting!
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