GRAV® Mini Beaker

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Just 6” tall, the GRAV® Mini Beaker is what you get when you blast a full-size beaker with a shrink ray.

The Mini Beaker bong is solidly crafted on sturdy 25mm borosilicate tubing. The wide beaker base both creates a larger chamber to fill, and makes the piece sturdier on your tabletop. This tiny glass bong features a fixed fission downstem to diffuse and cool smoke, and works best with about 1.25” of water.

Unlike larger bongs, this design lets you sip dense hits without the lung capacity of an Olympic swimmer. We’ve seen folks get the Mini Beaker as a fun addition to their collection…and then make it their daily driver, replacing bongs 3x the size.

It's small enough to store anywhere. Bedside table. Filing cabinet. Silverware drawer. Wherever you partake of your daily ritual. Looking for a portable bong? It makes the perfect travel companion.

And the simple beaker design makes this mini bong easy to clean
, soak it in Grunge Off over night and then rinse (30 seconds of hot water, then 30 seconds of warm, then 10 seconds of cool). Use a Q-Tip to get any tricky spots.

We’ve run the tests and it turns out…bigger isn’t always better.

Comes with a 10mm Cup Bowl. Add a 10mm 45° quartz banger (not included) to make it a mini dab rig.


- 6” tall mini beaker bong
- Fixed fission downstem for smooth diffusion
- Includes 10mm Cup Bowl