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GRAV® Medium, Black Accent Beaker Base Water Pipe

GRAV® Medium, Black Accent Beaker Base Water Pipe

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The GRAV® Medium Beaker Base Water Pipe - Black Accents brings a clean, modern look to the classic beaker bong.

The beaker base makes this piece more stable than a straight tube bong, while creating a larger chamber to fill. A 45° fission downstem effortlessly pulls smoke through about 2” of water, making this piece a dream to fill and even dreamier to clear.

The tube holds a geometric pinch that doubles as an ice catcher and splash guard. Add a few ice cubes to chill and smooth your hit.

And when you’re done, the fission downstem is removable and easy to clean.

This piece made of heavy-duty borosilicate—mostly clear, so you can stare into the void within. But a black base and mouthpiece create a little visual interest, while keeping it minimalist and sleek.

This beaker base bong measures up at 12.25” tall. Easy to carry around, pass around, pick up and put down.

Comes with a GRAV® 14mm Funnel Bowl.


- Clear glass beaker bong with black accents at base and mouthpiece
- Made from high-quality 4mm borosilicate stock tubing

- 45° removable fission downstem
- Geometric pinch acts as splash guard and ice catcher
- Includes GRAV® 14mm Funnel Bowl

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