GRAV® Globe Bubbler - Smoke

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Are things a little murky? A session with the GRAV® Globe Bubbler in Smoke will clear them right up.

Designer Micah Evans created functional art with this glass piece. Inside the spacious water chamber, a trumpet perc presses smoke through 12 holes (and makes a beautiful purr in the process). And a conical push-in within the perc creates even smoke distribution and an easier pull. 

The bubbler mouthpiece is slightly elongated, so you can smoke comfortably without singeing your eyebrows. 

It's a little guy that hits like a big guy. Smooth hits are flavorful and intense, giving you the full range of your flower’s essence. 

This glass bubbler is a beauty in smoke-colored glass. The layers create a deepening grey-green hue from outer globe to middle perc to conical push-in.

Comes with a GRAV® 14mm Cup Bowl. Add a 14mm banger (not included) to use with concentrate.

A exclusive colorway. Check out this video Behind the Design


- A 12-cut inverted trumpet perc distributes smoke evenly and creates a smooth draw
- Includes a 14mm Cup Bowl for dry herb
- Add a banger to use with concentrate (sold separately)
- exclusive colorway in Smoke glass