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GRAV® Empress

GRAV® Empress

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Stately and statuesque, the GRAV® Empress is one classy lady.

Standing tall at nearly 13”, this noble glass water pipe rests on a sturdy 6” wide base. A sleek neck restriction is easy to grip, and its low position keeps the piece steady when catching or releasing. Made with durable, top-shelf borosilicate, The Empress is heavy enough to feel high-end but light enough to pass around.

Inside this glass bong, function matches form. A custom-designed diamond perc has 8 vertical cuts for a smooth pull (without chugging). The wide chamber and that special perc cool smoke to a comfortable temp as it purrs through the water. And a loooong neck keeps bong water far from your mouth while you take your hit.

If you’re the type to name your bongs, this one is certainly worthy. She’ll be the crown jewel of the collection, majestic among the miscellany. But don’t save her for special occasions. This is one royal dame who likes to get her hands dirty.


- Custom-designed 8-cut diamond perc for whisper-quiet pulls
- Sleek neck restriction for easy gripping (and looking fine AF)
- Sturdy 6” wide base
- Includes a 14mm Funnel Bowl

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