Glass Recycler for Puffco Proxy

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Glass Recycler for Puffco Proxy is a hand made glass recycler specially created to enhance and cool down your Proxy clouds. If you are enjoying your Proxy with the included dry attachment, then prepare for a pleasant surprise when you pair it with the Recycler for Puffco Proxy.

Recycler for Puffco Proxy is a sturdy and solid and made with borosilicate glass. It features a shower head percolator and a recycling mouthpiece. This recycler will add water cooling capabilities to your Proxy sessions.

  • Made for Puffco Proxy
  • Add water cooling to your Proxy sessions
  • Made of borosilicate glass
  • Shower head percolator
  • Recycling mouthpiece
  • Sturdy and stable

 *Proxy not included