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Freeze Pipe

Freeze Pipe Mini Rig

Freeze Pipe Mini Rig

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Iconic mini dab rig design that combines function and glycerin cooling power. An improved version of the classic fab-egg dab rig mold, Freeze Pipe's version increases air flow and brings the largest base to the mini rig market. A percolator in the bottom chamber begins filtration, while connecting arms transfer water and smoke back-and-forth between the top and bottom chamber. This action further merges hot smoke with cool cleansing water to improve smoothness. Enjoy stout cooling power, intense flavor and ease of use with this pocket sized mini rig.

  • Stands 6"tall without glycerin coil 

  • Includes glycerin coil for intense cooling power

  • Domed walls minimize internal volume to create max flavor. Very little stale air inside the piece 

  • Wide, thick base to handle clumsy friends and heavy attachments 

  • Includes premium core reactor quartz banger 

  • 14mm joint


What is Glycerin?

Glycerin is a non-toxic fatty gel that's commonly found in food and sweeteners. It gets down to freezing temperatures quicker than water and stays cold longer. It also doesn't expand and contract like water does so there's no added pressure on the glass. Pop it in the freezer for 1-hour and it'll stay cold for you and your friends to get where you wanna go.

How to Use Freeze Pipe Glycerin Chamber

  • Place the glycerin chamber in the freezer and let sit for at least 1 hour. It is okay to leave it there longer or even store it in the freezer so it is always ready when you are.
  • Connect the joints of the glycerin chamber and the base. Then, grab the black clip and get it in position on the joint. Once in place, gently press on the clip until it snaps into place.
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