Empire Crystal Cleaner - Large 500mL

Empire Glassworks
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Are you still cleaning your prized glass with harsh salts, alcohols, and unknown solvents? Stop destroying your valuable investments with these horrible “cleaning” products. Empire Crystal Cleaner is ALL NATURAL and shows no mercy as a cleaner!

Empire Crystal Glass & Quartz Cleaner is safe on glass, quartz, acrylic, titanium, and ceramic. It’s ideal for cleaning e-Nails & vaporizer components (tanks, coils, atomizers). This Crystal Cleaner is safe for soaking quartz nails and cleaning them between dabs.

Empire Crystal Glass & Quartz Cleaner works best when heat activated. Heat the solution in a microwavable container until just short of boiling. Pour the Crystal Cleaner directly into your desired item for cleaning and watch it work. Soak until clean and rid of residues. Rinse with hot water once finished soaking.


Made in the USA by Dark Crystal Clear.