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Honeybee Herb

Dab Mat

Dab Mat

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Honeybee Herb Dabbing Mat

Dimensions: 12"x 9"

Material: Silicone


The Honeybee Herb Silicone Dab Mat is the perfect way to keep your dabs and concentrates from sticking to surfaces. This dab mat is made from silicone and is 12" x 9", making it large enough to catch any spills or drips. Even your stickiest of concentrates won't stick to the silicone surface. 


The Honeybee Herb silicone craft dab mat is also heat resistant, so you can use it on hot surfaces without worry. The silicone slip-resistant surface of this silicone large dab mat also helps keep your glass more secure when set on top of it. This dab mat is a must-have for anyone who uses concentrates, and it's sure to make your life easier. Order yours today! You won't be disappointed!

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