Budder Knife

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Introducing the Budder Knife by STRIO - the ultimate tool for conquering those stubborn concentrates with ease! Say goodbye to the mess and frustration that comes with sticky wax and embrace a whole new level of convenience and efficiency. Let's dive into the exciting features of the Budder Knife and discover how it will revolutionize your concentrate game!

First things first, the Budder Knife boasts a powerful 650mAh battery capacity. With this impressive power, you'll never have to worry about running out of juice in the middle of a session. It's time to experience uninterrupted concentrate enjoyment at its finest!

But that's not all - the Budder Knife is equipped with a cutting-edge USB Type-C charge port. Say goodbye to lengthy charging times and hello to quick and efficient recharging. With the Budder Knife, you'll spend less time waiting and more time savoring the flavors of your favorite concentrates.

The Budder Knife takes versatility to a whole new level with its variable voltage feature. Choose between three different voltage settings - 2.5V, 3.3V, and 4.0V - to tailor your dabbing experience according to your preferences. From smooth and flavorful hits to powerful and intense clouds, the choice is yours.

Say goodbye to the struggle of handling sticky concentrates. The Budder Knife features a genius ceramic tip that heats up, making your precious wax slide right off the end and into your banger effortlessly. No more wasting valuable concentrate or dealing with messy residue. It's time to enjoy a clean and hassle-free dabbing experience like never before.

Whether you're dealing with thick and hard concentrates like shatter or sticky waxes that cling to every surface, the Budder Knife is up for the challenge. With its impressive voltage range, it can effortlessly cut through even the most stubborn substances, delivering smooth and satisfying hits every time.

 The Budder Knife is the game-changer you've been waiting for. Embrace the convenience, efficiency, and mess-free experience it offers. Prepare to take your concentrate sessions to new heights and enjoy the full potential of your favorite waxes without any waste.

Upgrade your dabbing arsenal with the Budder Knife by STRIO. It's time to say goodbye to the struggles of working with sticky concentrates and hello to a world of smooth and enjoyable dabs. Get your hands on the Budder Knife today and unlock a whole new level of concentrate mastery. Let the Budder Knife be your secret weapon in the world of concentrates!



·         Battery capacity: 650MAH

·         Charging port: USB Type-C

·         Power On/Off: Press the button 5 times to switch power on and off, and the gear light will flash 3 times.

·         Variable Voltage: Press button 3 times rapidly to change voltage, and the gear light will flash 3 times.

o    Green light 2.5V

o    Blue light 3.3V

o    Red light 4.0V

·         Preheating: Press the button 2 times rapidly to preheat. Preheat cycle will last for 15 seconds and stop if you press the button.