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Dr. Dabber

Boost Evo™ Quick Connect Adapter

Boost Evo™ Quick Connect Adapter

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The Boost Evo™ Quick Connect Adapter attaches the Boost Evo™ Glass Attachment to the Boost Evo™ body and is designed to be removed with the glass attachment and sit flush as a stand when the glass is not on the unit. The Quick Connect adapter features an innovative platinum cured silicone gasket lining that makes attaching the glass piece to the Quick Connect Adapter incredibly easy.

Not only does the magnetic Quick Connect Adapter facilitate the loading process with simple "snap on, snap off" functionality, it was carefully designed with a revolutionary carb button that delivers an ultra-satisfying "shotgun" effect when the button is pressed to clear the vapor chamber. This features elevates the entire vaporizing experience.

Another breakthrough in eRig innovation only found on the Boost Evo™.

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