14mm Oil Reclaim Catcher 45 Degree

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Keep your dab rig clean and enjoy a hassle-free dabbing experience with the Detachable Silicone Oil Reclaim Catcher 45 Degree. This innovative accessory prevents excess oil from clogging your rig, ensuring smooth hits every time.

Featuring a 14mm female joint, this catcher is compatible with a wide range of nails or bangers and bongs. Its 45-degree angle effortlessly captures oil in the container, preventing spills and mess. The detachable silicone container makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

Experience reliable and efficient oil-catching with the must-have Oil Reclaim Catcher 45 Degree. Keep your rig in top shape and enjoy pure, clean dabs like never before.

  • 14 mm Female Joint
  • 45 Degree 14 mm Male Joint
  • Detachable Silicone Container