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11-inch Glass Beaker Bong with Tree Perc

11-inch Glass Beaker Bong with Tree Perc

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This remarkable 11-inch Glass Beaker Bong with Tree Perc, a stunning piece meticulously crafted from premium clear glass, providing an unparalleled smoking experience with its exceptional features.

At the heart of this magnificent glass creation lies a remarkable 6-arm Tree Percolator. Engineered to perfection, the Tree Perc diffuses your smoke into tiny bubbles, effectively cooling and filtering it for an incredibly smooth and enjoyable hit. While the sleek design exudes elegance and sophistication. Choose between two striking color options: captivating Blue or timeless Black, and elevate your smoking experience in style.

Embrace the smoothest hits with the built-in ice catcher, ensuring a refreshing and comfortable smoke every time. Elevate your smoking experience with this beaker bong that embodies the perfect blend of form and function. Dive into the captivating world of beaker bongs with an added twist of the mesmerizing tree perc. Experience the ultimate toking adventure now!

  • Color: Blue/Black
  • Material: Clear Glass
  • Height: 11 Inches
  • 6-arm Tree Percolator
  • a ice catcher
  • 18mm Ground Joint
  • Includes: 14mm Bowl and 18/14mm Downstem

Category: Water Pipes, Bongs

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