Best BBQ Beef Sandwiches You'll Ever Eat!

Best BBQ Beef Sandwiches You'll Ever Eat!

You can use a chuck roast(3-5lbs) or two chuck steaks(2-4lbs)

This recipe is so easy and delicious. The most expensive part is the bread and BBQ sauce. In my house hold two big chuck steaks will make about 8 these mouthwatering BBQ sandwiches. These will be the show stopper at any work/family gathering, farmers market and even the pickiest eater in your home.

NOTE: if using the steak cut. Reduce the smoke time by 1 hour but max out the 2hr cook inside the tin foil

PRO TIP: Always let your beef sit out at room temp before smoking. This allows for a deeper penetration and better flavor

Step 1: Rub your roast with Traeger coffee rub(I use extra virgin olive oil as a bind)

Step 2: pre heat your smoker to 250f 15 minutes before cooking

Step 3: insert probe and smoke for about 3.5hrs. You want an internal temp of 160f

Step 4: remove the chuck roast(or chuck steaks an hour early) from the grill the grill and place in a double layer of tin foil. Pour in 1 cup or more of beef broth. Wrap the foil and seal it. Place back in the smoker for another 1.5hr-2hr or until internal temp is 204f

Step 5: remove meat from the grill and unwrap. Reserving the juice & drippings on the foil. Pull and shred the meat in a larger bowl. Once shredded to your liking. Pour in the juice and other condiments you want included. I.e. sliced pickles, onions etc.

Step 6: toast birdiche buns until crispy(this will prevent the bread from melting due to the surpreme juicy-ness of the meat). If a little burnt its better than being mostly melted soggy bread.

Step 7: serve with BBQ sauce of your choice on top or mix in with condiments.

Comment back here with a big thank you after you make these 😃

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