Ruby Insert for Puffco Peak

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A Ruby Insert for Puffco Peak provides a better tasting surface for your concentrates. Everything tastes excessively clear off of ruby surfaces. And on the grounds that it holds heat superior to quartz, you're ready to achieve some of the most ideal conditions for low temp dabs.

More so, they don't get chazzed or dim like quartz supplements and bangers do over time. A quick cleaning to your Ruby Insert will make it appear as though the day you got it.


On account of their structure, you never need to put an immediate fire on your Ruby Insert for Puffco Peak since that quick increment in temperature can cause thermal shock and potential split your insert. Also, when cleaning, ensure your ruby supplement is at room temperature in any case the fast temp change can cause thermal shock as well.

These Ruby Inserts are specifically made for the Puffco Peak Vaporizer.

  • Specifically made for the Puffco Peak Vaporizer
  • Best tasting surface
  • Retains heat better than quartz
  • Best low temps dabs