New PuffCo Peak Pro

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The new Peak Pro is the pinnacle of hash technology. This premium smart rig delivers incredible flavor and unparalleled performance. Unlock the fullest potential of the plant with its single-button interface, deep customization via the Puffco Connect app, and patented 3D Chamber. Featuring the Joystick Cap and laser cut perc slots for improved water filtration.

App Enabled Control

The Puffco Connect app unlocks a new world of capabilities within your Peak Pro, providing an unparalleled level of control.

The Puffco Connect app allows you to make hash yours, giving you full control to unlock a personalized experience with a simple tap.

Seamless interface, from initial setup to creating custom heat and light profiles.

See and share your sessions like never before with a new interactive stats screen and device manager.

Get custom skins exclusive to the new Peak Pro.

The Puffco Connect app has four optimized heat settings, but provides the ability to create and save dozens of custom profiles to your account. Adjust the temperature, duration, and vapor control to be precisely how you want it.

Know thy sesh

What is your go-to temperature? How many dabs have you done? Which mood light do you like best?

Get insights into your sessions like never before and easily share your stats. Choose a time scale and see your dab data come to life including number of dabs with duration and daily averages. Peer into your most popular temperature and mood light selections.

Make the mood

Set the vibe for your session with animated lighting options. Select the style, adjust the colors, and dial in the details with exclusive settings available for the new Peak Pro.

Joystick Cap

Improved airflow starts here with our newest directional cap, which makes moving your concentrate around the chamber easier than ever.

Real-Time Temperature Control

No matter how much you load or hard you inhale, your temperature stays right where you want it. 

3D Chamber

Innovative technology heats your concentrate from the sides- not the bottom- preserving those tasty terpenes and cannabinoids ​

The future of hash is here.​