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MJ Arsenal The Petal Rig (Valentine's 2024)

MJ Arsenal The Petal Rig (Valentine's 2024)

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Experience the fusion of elegance and functionality with the new “Petal Mini Dab Rig”, a limited edition release from our 7th annual Valentine’s Day drop. Imbued with a romantic essence, this rig features a heart-shaped percolator that not only captivates with its charming design but also ensures a smooth, filtered draw, enhancing the purity and flavor of your concentrates. The innovative splash guard, strategically placed above the water line, eliminates splashback, making every session clean and enjoyable. Adding to its allure, this rig doubles as an art piece with an attached flower vase, allowing you to showcase your favorite blooms or enjoy it as a standalone decorative element.

Crafted from thick, high-quality borosilicate glass, the Petal Mini Dab Rig promises durability and resilience, maintaining its pristine look over time. This Valentine’s Day, let the Petal Mini Dab Rig be a symbol of your affection, whether as a gift for someone special or as a treat for yourself. It’s more than just a rig; it’s a celebration of love, artistry, and the unparalleled experience that we strive to deliver.

Material: 100% Borosilicate Glass
Joint: 10mm
Dimensions: 5in x 4in x 7in

What’s in the box:
Petal Mini Dab Rig
Mini Rig Standard Quartz Bucket
Flat Carb Cap
Stainless Steel Mini Dab Tool

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