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Diamond Glass

Diamond Glass 14" UFO Perc Beaker

Diamond Glass 14" UFO Perc Beaker

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Diamond Glass 14 Inch Beaker Bong + UFO Perc Features:

  • Height: 14+ inches
  • Base Width: 4.5 in
  • UFO Matrix Perc
  • 7mm Thick Glass
  • 3 Pinch Ice Catcher
  • Flared Mouthpiece

    Diamond Glass Beaker Bong - Everything You Could Want AND 7mm Thick Glass!

    This UFO Perc beaker bong is your new daily smoking device. The classic beaker design combined with the glass that's 7mm THICK, UFO Perc and ice catcher.

    All of that basically guarantees this thing hits like a dream and stays in one piece. Pick from two different accent colors on the mouthpiece, perc, and downstem joint that add a stylistic flair to the bong. It?s simple, effective piece that you?ll have for years.

    Introducing the Diamond Glass 14" UFO Perc Beaker, a smoking accessory that combines sleek design with superior functionality for an unparalleled smoking experience. This beaker bong is a top-quality waterpipe by Diamond Glass with the Matrix UFO perc that creates a barrage of bubbles to filter your smoke for a smooth and satisfying hit.

    This 6mm thick beaker bong is built to last, with a thick body that ensures durability and an extra thick joint that removes any vulnerabilities. It stands at 15 inches tall, making it perfect for smokers who prefer larger-sized scientific bongs.

    The color accents and gold Diamond decal make this glass pop, and the 14mm male bowl is included for your convenience. The ice pinch allows you to cool your smoke down by adding some ice, making it an ideal choice for smokers who prefer cooler smoke.

    We couldn't recommend this piece more, and buying it from One Stop Pipe Shop means we'll send it out with fast, free shipping straight to your door. Order now and take your smoking game to the next level with the Diamond Glass 14" UFO Perc Beaker.

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