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Rupert's Drop

Dab Vapor Straw - Solid Quartz Tip

Dab Vapor Straw - Solid Quartz Tip

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This dab straw features a silicone body with a removable quartz tip and a dish that can be used to hold your concentrates. Simply heat up the quartz tip and dab it into the silicone dish with your concentrates and enjoy pure simple dabbing. The quartz tip has a 14mm male joint that inserts into the silicone body and can be used with other similar devices that have a 14mm female joint.

  • Solid quartz 14mm tip
  • Silicone body
  • Silicone dab dish and cap
  • Multi-color silicone and various colors
  • Imported and tested for quality

Most accessories are typically NOT made in the USA as they can be very expensive to manufacture. All of our pipes are American-made but we offer some imported accessories for your convenience. 

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