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Cosmic Bong Stickers 2 Pack

Cosmic Bong Stickers 2 Pack

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The Original Artwork line of stickers from Dankstop, combine original ideas from independent artists from around the globe, with cannabis culture themes! Customize your bong, skateboard, laptop, friend's back, or any stickable surface you desire with these 2 packs of one of a kind stickers!

The Cosmic Bong is a design created by Dankstop's own Monty Draper, a Freelance artist from New Jersey. Monty's love of space and the infinite is on display with this 4" beaker shaped cosmic sticker and was made with the theory that "Bomb strands and good glass can take you to outer space". A theory I can get behind. Monty enjoys working with Acrylic paint, Ink, and Gouache and used the latter two when creating this otherworldly design. When getting creative, he enjoys a good indica dominant strain such as Gorilla Glue or LA Confidential, preferably from a simple bubbler piece. Check out more of Monty's original work here!

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