7" Mini Bent Neck Waterpipe - Teal

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Mini Rig Floaty

This small beaker base rig is made from handblown, borosilicate glass, allowing for more significant temperature changes. Sitting 7”/17.78cm tall with a bent neck makes smoking a dream with its ergonomic vibe. You can add a decent amount of water to the chamber for a satisfyingly smooth hit. Its stemless designs exclude the usual fragile removable downstem and opt for a fixed one with percolated diffusion. The diffuser breaks up the smoke through the slits creating a cooling effect. Fitting in the fixed joint is a 14mm glass-on-glass quartz banger. A staple in the concentrate world, a banger is a more efficient and effective way to hit dabs. The transparent chamber lets you see your smoke, and the colorful tube adds a pop of color.