15" Tilted Silicone Water Pipe Glass Tree Perc

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This Silicone Bong is an absolute beauty. The Tree Percolator that sits in the glass centerpiece helps keep smoke smooth and cool, while the added splash guard makes sure that you never have to choke on nasty bong water.

This fascinating Silicone Water Pipe comes in a fantastic color mix, a tilted design, and includes some of the most highly desired features sought by customers. 

Unbreakable -This silicone glass bong is not like most glass bongs; it is produced from food-grade silicone and heat resistant borosilicate glass. This is a good choice for those who like smoking with herbs, and you don’t have to fear slippery fingers because the bong has you covered. Also, this bong is non-stick, non-toxic, and can be used under high temperatures.

If you don’t want to worry about your bong breaking, this bad boy is a perfect choice. When it slips off your hand, it will bounce back off the ground without breaking. If you're looking to get a perfect hit and don’t want your glass breaking, this beautiful piece will address all your worries.

Perfect Size - The Tilted Silicone Water Pipe by INHALCO is not as massive compared to bigger bongs but still packs a massive punch. The beneficial aspect about 15” bongs is that there are both massive and compact. They’re big enough to offer massive hits and compact enough to provide smoother hits. Overall, the Tilted Silicone Water Pipe 15"has all the features needed by any bong enthusiast looking for nothing less than perfection. 

Portable - This colorfully loud bong is 15” tall with a base of 4.5”, making it easy to stand in flat locations. It’s also made of bendy and shatter-proof silicone, which makes it stealthy, very hard to break, and ideal for easy transportation in a bag when you plan on having a few tokes throughout the day. What stands out from this bong is its color made from a mixture of bright colors. 

If you need a tilted and robust water pipe, this is the pipe for you! Standing at 15″ in fun swirled colors, this water pipe will give you a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience at any time of the day. Better still, the water pipe tilts to make it easier for you to use it while sitting or standing. 

Benefits - The Tilted Silicone Water Pipe by INHALCO offers a lot of convenience due to its flexibility, durability, and easy to clean. This water pipe can easily divide into parts, making it simple to clean as each part can be separately cleaned before combined again before usage. Just throw it in the dishwasher whenever it gets dirty and it becomes spotless.

The silicone part can be dropped multiple times and still give you the same brand-new look. Generally, silicone bongs are very durable and easily withstand high heat. The ability to withstand high temperatures makes it more advantageous than traditional glass hand pipes, bongs, bubblers, and more. The water inside your silicone bong never gets excessively hot, and it also resists exposure to heat and flames.